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TTArtisan's Updated Light Meter II

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It's a second-generation attempt at the shoe-mount meter, and it's a fascinating little gadget with some notable improvements on the original, which was released back in 2021​​.

The first thing you'll notice about this light meter is its compact design. It's slimmed down by five millimeters, reducing the real estate it takes up towards your camera lens, with a minor one millimeter increase in height - nothing you'll notice in daily use. And the best part? It's a feather-light device at just 34 grams​​!

TTArtisan Updated light meter II

Amazon link: TTartisan LMII

When it comes to usability, TTArtisan has made some thoughtful upgrades in the Light Meter II. The dials have been changed to a clickable design, which is a definite improvement over the de-clicked operation of the previous model. Also, the shutter speed dial has been dramatically increased from the original 12 stops to a whopping 23 stops. This allows for fine-tuning adjustments, offering a more tailored photography experience​​.

An upgrade that might seem small but has a significant impact on the user experience is the replaceable battery. It now uses the CR1632 3-volt battery, which is widely available and easy to replace, ensuring the light meter’s usability isn't hampered​​.

One of the most exciting enhancements is the upgraded lens on the light-sensing module. TTArtisan claims that this new version is capable of better gathering light for a more accurate reading​​. Isn't that just what we need from a light meter?

TTArtisan updated light meter II

TTArtisan has also expanded the target audience for the Light Meter II, aiming it at those who use “old-school cameras”, adding a touch of elegance to any camera setup​. It's available in both black and silver, a wonderful little gadget that you can match with your camera's aesthetic​​.

On the user experience side, I've heard some interesting feedback. The TTArtisan Light Meter II has a sturdy aluminium construction with three LED lights displaying exposure reading. The ISO / Aperture dial has a smooth movement, and the shutter speed dial provides lovely feedback. However, it seems there are few small areas that could use improvements. The ISO setting dial, for instance, was reported to spin too loosely, requiring frequent checks before each shot​​.

Some users have also noted the Light Meter II occasionally underexposes by 1.5 to 2 stops, a discrepancy that can be compensated for using the ISO dial. This does seem to be somewhat random, so it's recommended to do some basic testing with your unit when purchasing it​​.

In conclusion, the TTArtisan Light Meter II seems to offer great value for its price of $62, despite the occasional issues with accuracy. It's a solid, practical tool that's a joy to use, and its small flaws could easily be improved in future iterations​​.

So, if you're looking for a light meter to add to your photography toolkit, the TTArtisan's Updated Light Meter II could just be the one you're looking for. Happy shooting!


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