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TTartisan f/0.95 Bokeh Monster

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 Bokeh Monster

The TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 lens for mirrorless cameras is described as an ultra-fast, character lens that is affordable and capable of rendering dramatic 3D-looking images. Here are some highlights from the review:

  1. Focusing: The lens has a massive barrel and hefty weight, which combined with a narrow depth of field and a stiff, long throw, makes focusing it likened to parallel parking a dump truck​.

  2. Calibration: The lens comes with a calibration chart and screwdriver. However, the reviewer noted that the lens seemed to be back focusing and required several adjustments to get it right. The lens is not prone to focus shift as a consequence of aperture, but the focal plane will always shift when focusing closer than two meters, which can be more pronounced at wider apertures​​.

  3. Image Quality and Performance: The lens is neither clinical nor transparent. When used with a crop sensor, there is less vignetting and softness in the corners of the image, but these issues are pronounced on full-frame cameras when the lens is wide open. The lens also has some optical compromises at wide apertures like softness, low contrast, color shift, and chromatic aberration. However, the lens offers unique subject isolation at f/0.95​​. In low light conditions, the lens shines, producing detail, punchy contrast, and rich colors, albeit with some spherical aberration​​.

  4. Bokeh: The bokeh tends to get more frantic the farther away the subject is. It's recommended to pair this lens with a camera with a fast top shutter speed and a Neutral Density filter to use the lens wide open in brighter conditions​​.

  5. Low Light Performance: The lens has excellent low light performance, allowing for images to be made in near darkness that wouldn't be possible with other lenses​​.

  6. Flare: Flaring is generally well controlled, but large portions of an image can be washed out when shooting directly into sunlight​​.

  7. Overall Character: The lens is described as able to render dramatic 3D-looking images with a medium-format look. It's sharp in the center, contrasty when stopped down a bit, and has accurate colors, except at wider aperture, where colors cool considerably​​.

  8. Size and Weight: The lens is large and heavy, which can cause some viewfinder crowding and potentially lead to carpal tunnel syndrome​​.

  9. Price: The lens is priced at $750, a significant saving compared to lenses like the Summicron, which is priced at $3000. It's likened to BEATS headphones, providing a unique character and bending light to make images pop​​.

  10. Aperture: The lens allows you to have an extra stop or two and only use it when your art demands it​​.

In conclusion, this lens is for those who value the lens's unique character, ultra-fast aperture, and dramatic rendering over its downsides such as its heavy weight, calibration issues, and optical flaws at wide apertures​​.


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