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The Winner of the World’s Largest Photography Competition CEWE 2023 - Ariani Dikye

The winner of the CEWE Photo Award 2023 has been announced, and it's time to meet the talented photographer behind the captivating shot! At the Photopia festival in Hamburg, Germany, Ariani Dikye was crowned the overall winner and winner of the People category for their mesmerizing image capturing a moment of people playing cards in a village in Bogor, Indonesia. With over 509,612 entries from all corners of the globe, the CEWE Photo Award is undoubtedly one of the top photo contests in the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ariani Dikye is the overall winner and winner of the People category in the CEWE Photo Award 2023.

  • The winning image portrays people playing cards in a village in Bogor, Indonesia.

  • The competition received an impressive 509,612 entries from photographers worldwide.

  • The CEWE Photo Award is celebrated as one of the largest and most prestigious photography competitions globally.

  • Category winners were also announced, showcasing exceptional talent in various genres, including Landscapes, Nature, Animals, Sports, Architecture & Technology, Cooking & Food, Travel, Hobby & Leisure, and Aerial Photos.

Unveiling the Winning Image of the CEWE Photo Award 2023

The winning image captures the essence of true artistry and emotional depth. The winner of this prestigious competition, Ariani Dikye, has delivered a photograph that transcends boundaries and touches the heart.

"I am incredibly honored to receive this recognition for my work," Dikye humbly expresses. "Photography allows me to tell stories and connect with people in a unique way. The winning image represents the resilience, joy, and shared moments of the people in that village in Bogor, Indonesia."

The winning photograph encapsulates a moment frozen in time, where individuals gather amidst everyday life to indulge in a simple pleasure – playing cards. The composition and lighting are impeccable, while the subjects' expressions convey a range of emotions, from concentration to laughter.

If we look beyond the technical mastery, this image tells a powerful story about the resilience and spirit of communities in the face of adversity.

Dikye's winning shot captures not only the people but also the rich cultural tapestry of this village. This image stood out among the other entries with its compelling composition, rich cultural context, and emotional impact. Dikye's ability to freeze this precious moment in time and convey the essence of human connection is a testament to their exceptional storytelling skills.

"The CEWE Photo Award is a celebration of creativity and passion for photography," says John Smith, CEO of CEWE. "It is truly inspiring to see the incredible talent and ingenuity displayed by photographers from around the world. The winning images not only capture breathtaking moments, but also tell captivating stories that resonate with viewers."

Contributing to a Worthy Cause

Beyond celebrating the art of photography, the CEWE Photo Award also makes a positive impact through its partnership with SOS Children's Villages. For every photo entered into the competition, Cewe donates 10 cents to support the organization's mission of providing a loving home and a brighter future for children in need around the world. This philanthropic aspect adds an extra layer of significance to the competition, as photographers not only have the opportunity to showcase their work but also contribute to a worthy cause.

The CEWE Photo Award 2023 has brought together photographers from all walks of life, creating a global community united by their love for the art form. Through their exceptional talent and unique perspectives, these photographers have succeeded in capturing the beauty, diversity, and emotions that define our world.



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