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Stability AI, a leading open generative AI company, has introduced Stable Audio, their first product for music and sound generation. Stable Audio uses advanced generative AI techniques to create high-quality music through an easy-to-use web interface. Users can generate music by providing text prompts, and the AI system will create audio tracks based on the given description.

Stable Audio offers a basic free version that allows users to generate and download tracks up to 45 seconds long. They also offer a 'Pro' subscription, which provides 90-second tracks that can be downloaded for commercial projects. The AI works directly with raw audio samples, resulting in higher quality output compared to traditional MIDI and symbolic generation methods.

The underlying model for Stable Audio was trained using music and metadata from AudioSparx, a prominent music library. This innovative platform aims to provide limitless opportunities for musicians and creators, allowing them to generate samples for use in their own compositions.


Stable Audio pricing chart
Image: Stable Audio

Licensing Details

Stable Audio licensing details chart
Image: Stable Audio

FQA from Stable Audio

What is Stable Audio? Stable Audio is a website that lets you create music for use in commercial or non-commercial projects, using AI music generation models to do so. It’s built by Stability AI.

What data was this model trained on? The AI model behind Stable Audio was trained on music from our partners AudioSparx.

Why can’t I hear any audio on mobile? Check your phone isn’t on Silent mode.

Who can I contact about support on this project? You can email us at

Will this model be open sourced? We will be open sourcing a music generation model soon, trained on different data.

How can I delete my account? If you want to delete your account, please get in touch with us at, and we will help you close it.

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