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Shortwave Email App

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Shortwave is an email app that serves as a spiritual successor to Google Inbox. It was developed by a group of former Google employees to fill the gap left after Google shut down its innovative Gmail alternative in 2019.

Shortwave provides many of the same Inbox features, in addition to a sweep button for marking emails en-mass, AI-powered smart replies, and options to quickly pin, snooze, archive, and delete emails. Shortwave is available on iOS, the web, and Android devices. The basic version is free to use, though you’ll need to pay a $9 monthly subscription to unlock premium features.

Shortwave's cutting-edge aesthetics allow you to compose beautifully-formatted emails as if they were docs using Markdown, rich media, and mentions. You can spend less time typing by instantly referencing email history and effortlessly navigate around and take action with a keyboard-friendly command palette.

Shortwave wants you to get to inbox zero by shifting emails around through snoozing, completing tasks, pinning items to do, and dismissing regularly. Shortwave is very much included in the inbox zero system for dealing with email.


Here are some of the key features of Shortwave:

  • AI-powered smart summaries: Shortwave uses AI to generate summaries of emails, making it easier to quickly understand the content without having to read through the entire message.

  • Email categorization: Shortwave automatically groups related emails into bundles, allowing users to take bulk action on several threads at once. Users can also customize bundling rules and create custom labels.

  • Undo send: Shortwave allows users to undo sending an email within a 10-second window by hitting the "Undo" button or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl z.

  • Scheduled send: Users can schedule emails to be sent at a future time, allowing them to write messages and move on to other tasks. Scheduled send is available on the web and will be coming soon to iOS.

  • Smart labels: Shortwave offers a range of built-in labels, including Promotions, Updates, Social, and Calendar, as well as the ability to create custom labels. Users can also use Smart Labels to create new bundles.

  • Markdown support: Shortwave allows users to compose beautifully-formatted emails using Markdown, rich media, and mentions.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Shortwave offers a range of keyboard shortcuts to help users navigate and take action on their emails more quickly.

  • Delivery schedules: Shortwave allows users to control when non-urgent emails enter their inbox, reducing distractions and context switching.

  • Mentioning teammates: Users can mention their teammates in emails, making it easier to collaborate and keep everyone on the same page.

  • Pinned emails: Shortwave allows users to pin important emails or groups to the top of their inbox.

  • Snooze: Users can snooze emails or bundles to deal with them at a later time.

  • Granular push controls: Shortwave offers granular push controls, allowing users to customize which emails they receive push notifications for.

  • Do Not Disturb: Users can enable Do Not Disturb mode to temporarily silence notifications.

  • Light & dark modes: Shortwave offers both light and dark modes to suit users' preferences.


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