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"Puna" by Oiro Pena

Puna by Oiro Pena

Genre: Lo-fi spiritual jazz, experimental, avant-garde

Release date: August 12, 2023

Label: We Are Busy Bodies


  • Antti Vauhkonen (drums, percussion, electronics)

  • Joona Puhakka (alto saxophone, flute)

  • Mikko Innanen (tenor saxophone)

  • Juho Kangas (guitar)

  • Tuomas Niskanen (bass)


  • Puna is the debut album by Finnish jazz collective Oiro Pena, led by prolific composer Antti Vauhkonen. The album offers a captivating mix of lo-fi spiritual jazz, experimental and avant-garde music forms. Recorded in bedrooms, studios and other locations around Helsinki during 2022, Puna is a uniquely immersive and atmospheric listening experience.

  • The album's title track, "Puna," is a slow-burning groove that builds to a hypnotic crescendo. "Joona's Abs" is a more playful and experimental track, featuring arpeggiated guitar lines and skittering percussion. "Kaiju Kaiju" is a dark and atmospheric piece that features Vauhkonen's driving drums and Puhakka's wailing saxophone.

  • Puna is a challenging but rewarding listen, and it is sure to appeal to fans of experimental jazz and avant-garde music.

The album has been praised by critics for its unique sound and its ability to blend traditional jazz elements with more experimental and avant-garde styles. Puna has been called "a must-listen for fans of experimental jazz" and "a truly unique and immersive listening experience."

I hope you enjoy listening to the album!


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