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NextDNS - Best Ad Blocker for Mobile Phones

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

NextDNS is a highly customizable DNS service that provides features such as ad-blocking, privacy protection, parental controls, and more. It's a great option if you want to block ads across your entire device, not just in a specific browser or app.

Here's a simple guide on how to set it up on your Android device:

  • Create a NextDNS account: Go to the NextDNS website and sign up for an account. You'll be given a unique ID that you will need to use later.

  • Configure your settings: NextDNS allows you to customize your filtering. You can choose to block specific kinds of content, such as ads, trackers, malicious websites, etc.

  • Download the NextDNS app: The easiest way to use NextDNS on your Android device is to download their official app from the Google Play Store.

  • Set up the app: Once you have downloaded the app, open it and enter your unique ID from step 1. This will link the app with your account and apply your settings to your device.

  • Enable the service: The last step is to turn on the service in the app. Once you do this, your device will start using NextDNS and your selected filtering will be applied.

Remember that using a DNS-based ad blocker like NextDNS will not remove the empty spaces where ads used to be in apps or web pages. It simply prevents the ads from loading in those spaces.

Also, keep in mind that many websites and apps rely on ad revenue to provide free content. Consider whitelisting your favorite sites or considering a paid, ad-free version if available.


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