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New Jazz Album

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

"Garden of Sounds" by Lars Jansson and Thomas Agergaard.

Swedish pianist Lars Jansson and Danish saxophonist Thomas Agergaard have released a new album, "Garden of Sounds," drawing influences from jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett, and Duke Ellington. This intimate, explorative duet reflects the duo's musical maturity, marked by their shared curiosity and satisfaction.

Jansson, originally from Örebro, Sweden, began as a reluctant classical piano student who later developed a love for jazz. After initially studying dentistry, he switched to music and joined Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen’s group, later gaining experience with Jan Garbarek, Bob Mintzer, and Maria Schneider. Agergaard, raised in Ordrup, a Copenhagen suburb, grew up with diverse musical influences from

his family. Exposure to jazz legends at the Copenhagen club, Montmartre, and the music of Miles Davis and Ralph Towner, sealed his journey as a jazz musician.

Their collaboration dates back to the 1990s, and their mutual admiration is palpable in "Garden of Sounds". Jansson values Agergaard's open-mindedness and presence, while Agergaard lauds Jansson's strong rhythmic foundation.

The album features 18 tracks, with the exception of George Gershwin’s "I Loves You Porgy," all are either individual or joint compositions by the duo. A standout includes their freely improvised "Birds Flying Suites I and II," which surprised both musicians with its spontaneous creation.

Their songs pay tribute to their influences, with Agergaard’s "Quiet View" inspired by Charlie Haden's "Silence," and Jansson's "Garden of Sounds" and "A Rare Italian Bird" paying homage to John Cage and Italian clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi, respectively. The duo's work embodies a less-is-more approach, highlighting the beauty of simplicity in music.



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