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Halide Camera App for iPhone

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Halide is a professional camera app for iPhones and iPads that provides advanced manual controls and RAW image capture. It is designed to give photographers more control over their mobile photography while maintaining an elegant and intuitive interface.

extended dynamic range (XDR) 14-bit color zebras and waveforms

Some key features of Halide include:

  • Manual focus with focus peaking and focus loupe

  • Full manual exposure controls (shutter speed, ISO, white balance)

  • RAW image capture in Apple ProRAW format

  • Depth capture for portrait mode

  • Histogram and exposure tools

  • Intelligent assistance features like Smart RAW

Halide also has specialty shooting modes like macro mode and long exposure mode. The app has received strong reviews for its combination of advanced controls and computational photography features. It has won awards such as "App of the Year" from multiple publications.

Image Quality

Tests show Halide can capture high-quality 48MP HEIC images on iPhone 14 Pro models, providing more detail than the default 12MP images. The larger 48MP images allow greater cropping flexibility while taking up less space than RAW. Halide's RAW capture provides maximum editing flexibility later. The Smart RAW feature optimizes RAW files for reduced noise and increased detail. For portrait mode, Halide's depth capture may produce softer results than the native camera app. Macro mode quality is also better on the native camera app in some tests.

Ease of Use

Halide aims to balance professional-level control with an intuitive interface. It has different modes suited for beginners and experts.The app features a redesigned interface optimized for one-handed use. Controls are customizable for left or right-handed users. Halide offers educational content on mobile photography through in-app lessons. This helps users learn more advanced techniques.


Halide provides pro-level tools and RAW capture in an elegant package. It excels at giving manual control over focus, exposure, and more. Image quality is competitive with the native camera app, with certain tradeoffs. Halide is a top choice for iPhone photographers seeking advanced capabilities and education.

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