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New Google Flights Tool

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Google Flights
Image credit: Google

Google Flights has a new feature that tells you when is the cheapest time to book your flight. This feature is called "Cheapest Time to Book" and it uses historical data to predict when the prices of flights are typically lowest.

To use the Cheapest Time to Book feature, simply enter your travel dates and destinations into Google Flights. Once you have done that, the feature will show you a graph of the prices of flights over time. The graph will also show you the cheapest time to book your flight, based on historical data.

It is important to note that the Cheapest Time to Book feature is not always accurate. The prices of flights can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, so it is always best to book your flight as early as possible to get the best deal.

Here are some other tips for getting the best price on a flight:

  • Be flexible with your travel dates. Flying on weekdays or during off-peak hours can often save you money.

  • Consider flying into a smaller airport. Smaller airports often have lower landing fees, which can translate into lower fares for passengers.

  • Sign up for email alerts from Google Flights or other flight search engines. This way, you will be notified when the price of a flight changes.

  • Use a credit card that offers travel rewards. This can help you save money on future flights.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting the best price on your next flight.



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