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Fullscreen Gestures with 3rd Party Launchers on MIUI 14

Fullscreen Gestures with 3rd Party Launchers on MIUI 14

MIUI offers its own gesture navigation system, but it's important to understand the limitations it imposes on using third-party launchers. While MIUI's native gesture navigation is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, it may restrict the functionality of third-party launchers that rely on traditional navigation methods.

According to a reliable source, MIUI's built-in gesture navigation system may interfere with the smooth functioning of third-party launchers. This means that certain gestures or features may not work as expected when using third-party launchers alongside MIUI's native navigation system.

“The MIUI System Launcher, which is pre-installed on Xiaomi devices, integrates gesture navigation, making it difficult for third-party launchers to offer the same level of functionality. This is because the native gesture navigation system takes priority over the customization options provided by third-party launchers," explains the source.

To overcome these limitations and explore the full potential of third-party launchers with MIUI, alternative apps are available. These apps aim to replicate the gesture navigation experience while maintaining compatibility with MIUI's native system.

Video Guide

Using full screen gestures with Third Party Launchers on MIUI has been quite a challenge. I'll guide you through the process of enabling full screen gestures with third party Launchers on your device running MIUI 14.

First, make sure that your phone is rooted.

Second, you need to have Magisk installed on your phone.

Third, you will install Zygisk Lsposed module in Magisk. Instructions on how to install this module are in the description. After the installation, you open L Exposed, and you search for a module called F*ckMiuiGestures, and you install it.

You then go to Modules and enable it, and also check the first two boxes. Then you reboot your phone. Then you install an app called Vivid Navigation Gestures from the Play store. After the installation, launch the app grant necessary permissions and then configure the gestures as you wish.

You can choose which part of the screen you want to use for your gestures and assign different functions to that gesture. You can also adjust the size of the screen edge and configure a lot of different settings. You can, for instance, choose the right bottom edge of your device for your back gesture. When you swipe left, you simply go into Gestures, select Bottom right, and then select Swipe Left and pick the back function from the options. After that, you go to your phone settings and set your Third party Launcher as your default Launcher app.

And that's it. You now have full screen gestures with your 3rd Party Launcher.

Zygisk-lsposed install instructions:

Vivid Navigation Gestures:


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