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EverSolo DMP-A8: A Highly Versatile and Advanced Audio Streamer and DAC

Eversolo DMP-A8

The EverSolo DMP-A8 is a high-end music streamer and preamp that was released in November 2023. It's a larger and more powerful version of the company's popular DMP-A6 model.

The EverSolo DMP-A8 is a highly versatile and advanced audio streamer and DAC, known for its quality and range of features. It incorporates a 6" LCD touchscreen for easy control and navigation. The device is equipped with 4GB DDR4 internal memory and 64GB eMMC storage. For digital-to-analog conversion, it uses the AK4191EQ+AK4499EX DACs and operates with an XMOS XU316 audio processor. The op-amp chip used is the OPA1612.

The power supply of the DMP-A8 is a high-quality, low-noise linear and digital dual power supply. It also supports M.2 NVME 3.0 SSDs up to 4TB, although the SSD is not included with the unit. For connectivity, it includes USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, and dual-band WiFi (2.4G+5G). The DMP-A8 supports a variety of playback and DAC decoding formats, including stereo DSD512 and PCM 768KHz 32Bit. It's compatible with numerous music services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Highresaudio, Amazon Music, Deezer, Radio Paradise, WebDAV, and UPnP.

Eversolo DMP-A8

Bluetooth audio input is supported with Bluetooth 5.0, covering various codecs like SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, and LDAC. The device also offers USB-B audio input, supporting Windows, Android, and iOS, and can handle stereo DSD512, PCM 768KHz 32Bit formats. Optical and coaxial audio inputs are available, supporting up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit, Dop64. The HDMI ARC also supports up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit.

Eversolo DMP-A8

For analog preamp audio input, the DMP-A8 features XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) inputs, with a maximum gain of +10dB. The USB audio output, IIS output, optical/coaxial audio output, and analog audio output are all robust, supporting various high-resolution formats.

The device can be controlled via a mobile app, touchscreen, or IR+Bluetooth remote control. It is rated for a power supply of AC 110~240V 50/60Hz and has a rated power of 16W. The dimensions of the DMP-A8 are 388mm in width, 248mm in length, and 90mm in height. The package includes a power cable, remote control, screwdriver, and user manual.

Key Features of the EverSolo DMP-A8

  • Flagship AKM DAC with Velvet Sound technology: This DAC is said to provide a warm and rich sound, with excellent detail and clarity. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 DAC]

  • Support for high-resolution audio formats: The DMP-A8 can play up to stereo DSD512 and PCM 768KHz 32Bit audio files. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 playing high-resolution audio]

  • M.2 NVME SSD slot: You can add an M.2 NVME SSD to the DMP-A8 to store your music library. The SSD is not included, but you can add one up to 4TB in capacity.

  • Multiple streaming services: The DMP-A8 supports a wide range of streaming services, including Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Qobuz, and Deezer. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 streaming services]

  • AirPlay 2 and DLNA support: You can stream music to the DMP-A8 from your phone, tablet, or computer. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 AirPlay 2 and DLNA support]

  • Digital and analog inputs: The DMP-A8 has a variety of digital inputs, including coaxial, optical, and USB, as well as an analog RCA input. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 digital and analog inputs]

  • R2R volume control: The DMP-A8 has a high-quality R2R volume control that provides a smooth and precise volume adjustment. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 R2R volume control]

  • Remote control: The DMP-A8 comes with a remote control that gives you easy access to all of its features. [Image of EverSolo DMP-A8 remote control]

The EverSolo DMP-A8 is a high-end music streamer and preamp that would be a great choice for audiophiles who are looking for a device that can play their music in the best possible quality.


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