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Brad Mehldau's "Your Mother Should Know"

Brad Mehldau "Your Mother Should Know"

Beyond a mere collection of covers, "Your Mother Should Know" is a captivating exploration of The Beatles' music through the prism of jazz. Brad Mehldau, a celebrated pianist and interpreter, deftly navigates the lesser-known corners of their discography, revealing hidden depths and captivating the listener with his virtuosity.

Instead of revisiting the oft-covered hits, Mehldau ventures into uncharted territory. He transforms the psychedelic chaos of "I Am the Walrus" into a playful, introspective journey, while stripping away the pop veneer of "She Said She Said," exposing a melancholic beauty beneath the surface. This approach goes beyond deconstruction; it's a deeply personal dialogue with the music, infused with elements of jazz, blues, and even gospel, subtle nods to the influences that shaped The Beatles' own sound.

“When I was getting started at the instrument, The Beatles were not on my radar yet, but a lot of the enduring piano-pop music I heard on the radio grew out of them. That music became part of my personality, and when I discovered The Beatles later, it all tied together. Their music, and its wide influence on other artists, continues to inform what I do.”

But the album's impact transcends technical prowess. Mehldau possesses a profound understanding of the emotional core of the music, capturing the yearning in "Norwegian Wood," the playful innocence in "Here, There and Everywhere," and the bittersweet nostalgia of "Golden Slumbers." His interpretations resonate not just with the melodies and harmonies, but with the very soul of the songs.

This connection is particularly evident in the live recording at the Philharmonie de Paris in 2022. Here, Mehldau's improvisational genius shines, effortlessly weaving together melody, harmony, and rhythm in real-time. This spontaneity breathes fresh life into the familiar tunes, transforming them into unique experiences that captivate and surprise with each listen.


The Guardian:

"A classy jazz homage, Mehldau's interpretations are both respectful and inventive."


"Mehldau's highly expressive touch and use of rubato and dynamics are nothing less than exemplary and unexpected twists add a new dimension to the material without abstracting the original songs. It's a recipe that's likely to satisfy both jazz lovers and fussily dedicated Beatles fans alike."


"Mehldau's interpretations are both respectful and innovative. An album that is sure to please both jazz fans and Beatles fans alike."


"A stunning album that is sure to become a classic. Mehldau is a master of his craft, and this album is a testament to his talent."


  1. I Am the Walrus

  2. Your Mother Should Know

  3. I Saw Her Standing There

  4. For No One

  5. Baby's in Black

  6. She Said She Said

  7. Here, There and Everywhere

  8. If I Needed Someone

  9. Maxwell's Silver Hammer

  10. Golden Slumbers

  11. Life on Mars? (Bowie)

"Your Mother Should Know" transcends the bounds of genre, appealing not only to jazz aficionados and Beatles fans, but to anyone who appreciates music's ability to connect with us on a deeper level. Mehldau's interpretations are a testament to the enduring beauty and depth of The Beatles' music, offering a fresh perspective that resonates deeply and leaves us wanting more.


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